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Dear Jimmy,

When Roy received your email we were still in Palm Springs (our flights were
delayed) and he read it out loud to me and the girls. Cindy had to fight back

Our staff were commenting that this was the best of the six Christmas parties
we have had. You got things off to a great start on Friday evening.
Safe to say we all had a wonderful time listening to your music and your

Jimmy you are superb musician and wonderful person. We are fortunate that
our paths crossed last year at Tommy Bahamas.

Your music makes people smile. It doesn't it get better than that.

Michel and the Summit gang

ps- Thanks for bringing the 335 and letting me play along on Fat Lady.


We had a birthday-party, and one of our friends recommended Jimmy Dale
and his band Irie for the music.  We can never be more thankful for the idea,
as the evening turned out the best we ever had.  

At the beginning Jimmy played solo, nice songs at just the right level, putting
a smile on everyone's face while they were seated.  Later on, his band joined
him, and in no time the dancing floor was full of people having the time of
their life!

Nice guys  playing  great music, what can you ask for more!!!  So thanks a lot
Jimmy, we' re sure to see you again soon, until then we wish you the same
success you had with us!

Agnes & Judy Vari, The "twins"


Hi Jimmy,
Happy new year, I hope all is well with you,  and that your New year’s gig went
well. Thank you for the kind words in your email below.

Everyone said that this was the best Christmas party that we have had and I
attribute the success of our weekend to you getting us started with the Friday
night entertainment.  Everyone said that was lots of fun.

I have attached a few photos for you. I will be going to Palm Springs this Friday
Jan 8th to Jan 19th and was wondering if you will be playing in Palm Springs
during this time as I would like to come with some friends and see you play

Roy Raftis, C.E.T

5304-68 Ave,
Edmonton, AB T6B 3M4



Nice pictures! I'm gonna edit and improve lighting on some of these pics...with
any luck I'll forward a copy to you.


p.s. Jimmy, thanks again for allowing me to enjoy the wonderful dinner with
you guys...food, drinks, and music was great



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